client reviews

2. Chango & Co. - Berkshire Lake House - Boat House.jpg
"When my husband and I decided to embark on the adventure that is a ground up build in the country, we had no idea how all-consuming the project would be. As the project manager, I knew very early on that I needed a designer who would be my partner and visionary throughout the process."

"After interviewing a handful of designers and firms, I met Susana & Josh. I knew immediately that Susana understood the vision for our home, and that they were the team to bring our dream home to life."

"From contracting and design, through installation, Susana and her team were responsive, professional, creative, and so much fun to work with. Having such a creative and thoughtful team of people in your corner, providing you with answers, options, ideas, and insight, made the long and tedious process of waiting and building bearable (our project took almost 2 years!). Susana always offered out-of-the-box suggestions and touches that make our home feel special and different. Chango brought our dream home from design presentations to reality. No question or concern went unanswered, even after the installation and our big reveal. The Chango team nailed it for us. If you have the opportunity to work with them, take it!"

- amy p
Project Date: February 2018

"When we closed on our beach house last winter, I was faced with the disappointing reality that I wouldn't have the time I needed and wanted to dedicate to a big interior design project (previously a long-time dream of mine.) So began the hunt for the perfect partner to do the job for us... Enter Chango & Co. From our first "discovery" call to the big, brilliant reveal of our stunning new home (I literally wept with joy), and every step in between, Susana, Josh and their team exceeded our sky-high expectations.

"Chango & Co is inspired, intuitive and original while simultaneously being a well-oiled, efficient machine."

"Every deadline was met, even including a number of curveballs WE threw along the way and while we always felt up to speed on where the project was, we only ever spent a total of about 5 hours of our time on it. The end result was a vacation home that makes us feel perfectly comfortable, understood and at peace every time we walk through the door, and best of all, is better than we could have dreamed or imagined. It has taken me over a week to post this, simply because I feel like I'll never be able to find the right words to capture just how grateful and joyful we feel in the home Susana & her team brought to life for our family. I now have a new, albeit somewhat crazy dream: Buying more homes & hiring Chango & Co to make them beautiful!!"

- Jessica D
Project Date: May 2017

22. West Village Waterfront by Chango & Co. - Master Bath Shower View.jpg
"What does it mean to walk into your home every single day and be extraordinarily thankful that you met people who could create something seemingly perfect for your family?"

"Susana and her team exceeded every single expectation we possibly could have had - except for the assumption that they’d exceed our budget (they didn’t)! Their tireless efforts in understanding “our style” and practical needs began well before our first design presentation and continued well beyond the completion of general construction and installation. Chango & Co cares deeply about their clients and fulfilling their home desires. They know when and how to gently suggest different ideas that might reduce costs, or when extra resources will make a huge impact in achieving a dream.

"On a professional level, they are the best one could hope for. On a personal level, they are even better."

- vrafal
Project Date: October 2015

"Chango & Co. redesigned and decorated the parlor floor of our brownstone in December 2014. It was a great experience, and really differentiated from other design firms in the market as Susana and Josh took a completely full-service approach to the project. After my wife and I shared our thoughts/style at the outset of the process, they took over and delivered a fully complete and awesome redesign of our space including painting, window treatments, lighting, furniture and accessories on time and budget. I think very highly of both Chango & Co's design aesthetic and project management abilities."

- Daniel Borok
Project Date: December 2014

4.-Grandview-on-Hudson Waterfront Colonial by Chango & Co. - 248_Final.jpg
"We were so very fortunate to work with with Chango this year. They created the interior design for our entire main floor, which included the living room, dining room/kitchen, office, and bathroom. They also designed our master bedroom, including drapery and furnishings. They also spiffed up our main hallway landing and entryway. They also provided the designs for our fireplace mantel and built-ins. We adore what Chango has done with our home.

Our home is an older home, and we've worked with quite a few contractors and other professionals in our renovation efforts. Chango was, simply, the best firm we've worked with. Everything you'll read here on Houzz about them being on time and on budget is true, but what we found even more valuable was the level of professionalism they brought to the job, and the high quality of the professionals they brought on board to work on our home. All of the professionals were honest, on time, kind, and excelled at what they did for us, from drapery to rugs to wallpapering. Such a relief, because many of the contractors and tradespeople I'd worked with in the past did prove to be unreliable at best and dishonest at worst. Such a relief to know I was in the best hands during our project (and didn't have to suffer through Angie's list reviews!)."

"As for Susana and her design team? They make your house beautiful, but warm. Gorgeous and thoughtfully designed, but cozy, comfortable, delicious. A place that you can't wait to come home to every day, a place that all your friends and family want to be..."

'...without being afraid that they're going to break a lamp or stain the furniture. I adore coming home every day to my home, and I'm having a blast having friends and family over to enjoy it as well. Everyone that comes here is transported. I just can't believe that I live in such a beautiful place, but also one that feels so, so very cozy. I have three children 5 and under, and they just love it. And I love that they love it and enjoy it as we do. (The beautiful throws throughout the living room are especially popular on weekends.)

Susana also loves to surprise, and this was perhaps the most touching part of working with her. For example, upon our "reveal," I noticed a group of four small framed art pieces. They were delicate and soft, like a whisper, and perfect in the spot she placed them. I asked, "Where are they from?" She said sweetly and quietly, "I had them made for you." And she smiled this soft, warm smile, and it all came together for me. I was instantly so grateful that we were on the receiving end of that love and care. Susana loves what she does, and she's incredible at it. At the end of the day, in the immortal words of Susana Simonpietri, our house is "*&^%ing beautiful." And it was Susana and her team that did it."

- Kathy C
Project Date: October 2014

"I had never hired a decorator before and interviewed several before I found Chango & Co.

Meeting Susana and Josh for the first time, I just knew that they were "the ones." They had such an amazing energy about them without every feeling the least bit pushy or overbearing. The experience was easy and a pleasure the entire way through

Susana was always incredibly thorough, responsive and eager to make sure that we were completely happy with each and every decision that was made along the way. I definitely had strong opinions about certain items and she continued to provide us with endless options until we were we're completely satisfied. She took the time to truly understand my style, likes, dislikes and provided us with a beautifully decorated home that reflects exactly that. With three small children and a dog, it's not always the easiest to decorate while also taking practicality into consideration but Chango & co. nailed it. I would recommend them 1000 times over and hope I have another excuse to work with them again in the future."

- pfeif
Project Date: March 2014

"From the moment I met Susana and Josh, I knew I was in good hands. My husband and I recently moved into a new house and needed to start from scratch since we were moving from a small NYC apartment. I had a lot of ideas on what style/look I wanted and Susana took those ideas and made it 1000 times better! The outcome was amazing. We are so impressed with the results and could not be happier. Her team handled everything and were an absolute pleasure to work with. And we did it all in about 3 months, which is pretty impressive!! I would absolutely recommend Susana and her team to anyone looking for a truly talented designer."

- mbachman13
Project Date: January 2013

"Susana Simonpietri is a talent. She and Chango & Co. have recently completed a clean, modern and functional redesign project on my challenging upper east side apartment and needs. Susana was pleasant, patient, and detailed to work with and my wife and I are thrilled with the result. Susana is capable of either working very closely with clients that desire more hands-on input (like me) throughout the design and renovation process and keeping them very involved in directions and choices or, alternatively, just taking a project over for clients that want minimal or no involvement. In my case I particularly enjoyed the choices she presented and her patience as we worked through them. Susana is capable of handling parts, or all (as was the case with me,) aspects of a project including design concepts, specific design/architectural selections, light architectural drawings, contractor selection, contractor management, post-construction accessorizing, etc. Susana had been recommended to me by close friends whose 1 bedroom in West Village she renovated and designed, and I would not hesitate to continue to recommend Susana to others, including friends and relatives closest to me."

Project Date: November 2012

"I worked with Susanna on two different projects and the creativity and intelligence she brought to both was impressive. She designed The Mermaid Oyster Bar for me and it was not without its challenges. The trick was to create a new look for an existing, established brand and she succeeded on all fronts. She created a clean, modern take on a New England seafood restaurant and her design helped make the restaurant an instant success. Susanna is easy to work with and brings lots of ideas from both an architectural and design perspective. Her enthusiasm and calm demeanor made a huge difference on an otherwise stressful endeavor. I look forward to working with her again as The Mermaid Inn brand grows.

- danabrams
Project Date: June 2010