susana simonpietri

creative director


josh kay

managing partner

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Charlotte Sylvain

interior designer

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kaitlyn hall

interior architect

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adélie pairel

interior designer

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magalie goor

interior architect


caterina cardinali

in-house stylist | photography


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erin curry

operations | marketing | ecommerce

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autumn dean

shop manager

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kathryn joseph





Chango & Co helped my husband and I decorate our new apartment. The way they work makes the often daunting and cumbersome process of decorating an apartment actually rather seamless. What’s more, they were a pleasure to work with and they stuck to our budget! We are thrilled with how the apartment came out. It really looks phenomenal.
— annabelwiener |
When we closed on our beach house last winter, I was faced with the disappointing reality that I wouldn’t have the time I needed and wanted to dedicate to a big interior design project (previously a long-time dream of mine.) So began the hunt for the perfect partner to do the job for us... Enter Chango & Co. From our first “discovery” call to the big, brilliant reveal of our stunning new home (I literally wept with joy), and every step in between, Susana, Josh and their team exceeded our sky-high expectations. Chango & Co is inspired, intuitive and original while simultaneously being a well-oiled, efficient machine. Every deadline was met, even including a number of curveballs WE threw along the way and while we always felt up to speed on where the project was, we only ever spent a total of about 5 hours of our time on it. The end result was a vacation home that makes us feel perfectly comfortable, understood and at peace every time we walk through the door, and best of all, is better than we could have dreamed or imagined. It has taken me over a week to post this, simply because I feel like I’ll never be able to find the right words to capture just how grateful and joyful we feel in the home Susana & her team brought to life for our family. I now have a new, albeit somewhat crazy dream: Buying more homes & hiring Chango & Co to make them beautiful!!
— Jessica D |
What does it mean to walk into your home every single day and be extraordinarily thankful that you met people who could create something seemingly perfect for your family? Susana and her team exceeded every single expectation we possibly could have had – except for the assumption that they’d exceed our budget (they didn’t)! Their tireless efforts in understanding “our style” and practical needs began well before our first design presentation and continued well beyond the completion of general construction and installation. Chango & Co cares deeply about their clients and fulfilling their home desires. They know when and how to gently suggest different ideas that might reduce costs, or when extra resources will make a huge impact in achieving a dream. On a professional level, they are the best one could hope for. On a personal level, they are even better.
— vrafal |
If you ever have the chance to work with this team, do not pass it up! To start with Susana’s designs are showstoppers. Her ability to blend sophistication and comfort with just the right amount of wow and fun is nothing short of artwork. Aside from being an amazing design talent, this team is a well oiled machine when it comes to running a project. From start to finish not even the smallest detail is missed. They are always aware of every aspect of what is happening and always one step ahead. They have an answer to every question immediately and are always in constant communication. Susana has a way of making things happen that don’t seem possible and she knows how to bring out the talent in everybody she works with. As a contractor I am privileged to work with such a real talent!
— Craft Builders |
I have never hired a decorator before and interviewed several before I found Chango & co. Meeting Susana and Josh for the first time, I just knew that they were “the ones.” They had such an amazing energy about them without every feeling the least bit pushy or overbearing. The experience was easy and a pleasure the entire way through. Susana was always incredibly thorough, responsive and eager to make sure that we were completely happy with each and every decision that was made along the way. I definitely had strong opinions about certain items and she continued to provide us with endless options until we were we’re completely satisfied. She took the time to truly understand my style, likes, dislikes and provided us with a beautifully decorated home that reflects exactly that. With three small children and a dog, its not always the easiest to decorate while also taking practicality into consideration but Chango & co. nailed it. I would recommend them 1000 times over and hope I have another excuse to work with them again in the future.
— pfeif |


At Chango & Co we are committed to finding creative ways to promote sustainability and mindfulness for the environment. We currently donate 1% of our total profits to 1% For the Planet, which aids us in finding charities with the greatest impact on issues close to our hearts. We are also committed to reducing our waste as much as possible, finding creative ways to recycle all kinds of materials. We have made it our goal to become a zero-waste business in the near future. During the planning and building of our projects, we try our best to promote more efficient energy systems like using high efficiency appliances, LED lightbulbs, motion sensitive switches, as well as smart heating & cooling monitoring systems. When it comes to shipping goods from our shop and e-commerce site, you will find all of our materials are made from recycled paper and are 100% biodegradable so nothing ends up in a landfill or in the ocean. This planet is important to us, and we are dedicated to keeping it beautiful for future generations. Join us in donating to the following causes: