Chango & Co. is a full-service interior design and architecture studio in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We create beautiful spaces for nice people with open minds. We'd love to hear all about your plans, ideas and dreams and hope we can help make them a reality.

Our take on “full-service” is providing our clients with a team of highly experienced, exceptionally talented and detail-obsessed designers & architects capable of managing every single detail of their interior design and/or construction project, allowing them to focus on the creative and enjoyable aspects of the process without being overwhelmed by it.

Our design and collaboration process works especially well for people who resonate with our work and know what they like, but aren't able to devote the time and energy required to build or design a home from scratch.

We offer three levels of service:

Interior Design
Comprehensive interior design for move-in ready homes.
Currently budgets for interior design projects start at around $500K, and include everything needed to fully furnish and accessorize a home from scratch, and depending on the budget, may include millwork design & fabrication and minor construction tweaks. Budgets vary depending on a variety of factors (scope of work, square footage, timeline, etc.).

Regardless of our role in the project, the goods and services provided in our interior design budget are essentially the same for every project - we deliver move-in-ready, fully-furnished homes that have been thoughtfully designed from scratch. When the paint is dry, and the last finishing touches are in place, we reveal a completely furnished home, exactly as it will appear in our published photos… 100% complete, on schedule, on budget, and only full of good surprises.

Advisement + Design
Architectural advisement & interior design for major construction projects.
We collaborate with you on the design intent of the home, develop and refine the ideas into clear goals, then work with you and the project architect and/or builder from planning to reveal, guiding you through the process and advising on every aspect of the architecture, construction and design of the interior and exterior of the home and property (from the mailbox to the back fence) to create a cohesive architectural and construction plan, while collaborating directly with you on a seamless interior design plan to make all of the spaces as beautiful, comfortable and personalized as humanly possible. Project budgets start at around $650K and include our architectural advisement service and a complete package of interior design goods and services, but don't typically include construction materials and labor costs.

Construction Management + Design
Comprehensive architecture, construction management & interior design for major construction projects.
Similar to our Advisement + Design service, except that we serve as the lead project architect and construction manager and the overall project budget includes construction material and labor expenses, architectural fees, permitting expenses, etc. Budgets vary depending on square footage, project timeline, etc.

If you think we might be a good fit for your project, we'd love to have the chance to speak with you about it. To get the conversation started, click the Hello! button below and answer the questions with as much information as you’re able to share. We’ll follow up soon after to discuss the next steps.


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